The Power of Language… Choose your words wisely.


They have the Power to Shape your Destiny!!

So by now you know how much importance I place upon the power of asking quality questions, the need to think ‘feel better thoughts’ and understanding why we all do what we do (think the 6 Human Needs).

But isn’t it time you knew exactly what’s triggering you to feel good, what’s triggering you to feel not so good and how to get a handle on it once and for all?

So many things have power as you have been reading over the last few weeks… prayer has power, truth has power and now let’s look at the way in which your words have power. If you want to be a powerful creator and have influence over your own destiny, as well as living a harmonious and balanced life, you will need to become skilled in all of the above but right now let’s get more familiar with the incredible power of our habitual language.

Instead of always reacting automatically to the words and language of others or responding unconsciously to the voices in our heads conditioned by our early childhood past, wouldn’t it be amazing to learn how to use your language more consciously and transform your vocabulary once and for all?

It’s just a question of practising this new habit and repeating it often until it becomes a new one. ~ Ain’t that the truth with everything I’m teaching you? It’s ALWAYS ALL about creating better habits and tendencies if you’re looking to transform the quality of your whole life!

Isn’t it curious how two people can have completely different experiences of Life based upon the labels they put on the event or feeling. One person can say an incident is a “real drama” while another person might describe the same episode as “mildly disturbing”… One person might view the demise of a relationship as the end of everything they feel safe and secure about and feel utterly depressed while someone else will feel exhilarated by the new beginning.

Yet another person might feel exhilarated by having to appear on stage in front of a large audience while someone else might feel immobilised by incapacitating stage fright. But nevertheless the feeling they are experiencing in their bodies will be pretty similar.

Just a single word can powerfully shape the way you feel and as a result the experiences you enjoy or endure, so the words we choose are more than just important; they are crucial. They form the source of our human language and are for the most part how we communicate with one another. But what about how we communicate with ourselves? Here our choice of words becomes even more significant because they reinforce our beliefs and even our ‘reality’. If you want to transform the way you experience your life, a simple thing you can learn to do is to watch your language and you will immediately begin to think ‘feel better thoughts’ and consequently feel better almost at once! Since all words carry vibration then it is obvious that we should choose words whose vibration elevates our mood rather than making us feel bad.

Here are two basic exercises you can experiment with:

1. Increase the intensity of your habitual positive emotions

2. Lower the intensity of your habitual negative emotions

Think of all the words you use regularly to describe how you’re feeling. I have one friend who whenever I ask him how he’s feeling frequently replies “good” or “alright”… but I have been educating him to expand his repertoire and now he tells me he’s feeling “ wonderful” or “incredible” or “excellent”, even if he has to pretend a bit until he catches up with the word he’s used!

1. So let’s start by writing down 3 words that you use often to describe your experience in a positive way and then find 3 replacement words that magnify your positive emotions.

So like my friend you might habitually say fine but instead use the words incredible, fantastic and amazing.

Or happy might become blissful, ecstatic or joyful

Lucky might become blessed, appreciative or grateful… get the idea? If everything is energy, and all energy is vibration, then all words also possess different vibrations. Just say the word “nice” out loud followed by the word “unbelievable.” Don’t they FEEL completely different in your body as you articulate them? This is on account of their different vibrational quality. So if you want to feel better feelings it stands to reason that all you have to do is choose to utter words that have higher vibrations associated with them! Doesn’t this make absolute sense?

2 Now let’s do the opposite and lessen the power of your habitual negative emotions.

Write down 3 words that you use regularly to describe your negative emotions or experiences and find alternative words or phrases that have a LESSER intensity or vibrational frequency.

Angry might become irritated or annoyed or to use a Tony Robbins-ism… peeved!!

Overwhelmed could become busy or active or even creative!

Depressed might become having a bad hair day, a bit off or under the weather.

A problem might become an opportunity, a challenge or simply a growthful experience!

Can you see how swapping one word for another of lesser emotional charge will alter the whole way we not only focus on events but as a result how we experience those life events based on the meanings we have attached to them? So how would your life look if you were to take all of the negative emotions you ever feel and lower their intensity so that they didn’t influence you so violently with the result that you are always in control of the feelings you feel?

In my role as a Law of Attraction coach, I am relentlessly reminding my friends and clients to choose their words wisely. It is perhaps the area upon which I place the most emphasis, knowing what a profound impact this alone can have on shaping a life. The words we choose, whether spoken out loud or only echoed in the recesses of our minds, tell us a lot about our real feelings and beliefs. To some extent they also form the messages we’re sending out to the Universe, which are then reflected back to us as what materializes in our experience.

If our words contradict our stated requests then we may be disillusioned when we continue manifesting things we don’t want.

Case in point: Your stated desire is to have a sexy body by the summer, yet every time you look in the mirror you grimace and comment on how unfit and overweight you are. And when you go shopping you whine to your friends how you never look good in anything. So what message do you think this is sending out to the Universe? (Hint – it’s not “I love my body and I’d like help to get in shape for the beach this summer!”)

It’s quite straightforward: the Universe responds most powerfully to the constant stream of data you put out.

So if you put out one request about having a beach ready body while the other millions of words are about how awful you look, do not be surprised if the Universe responds by giving you more of what it thinks you want – to look bad!

So how do you transform this? The first step is to be vigilant about the words you use, especially when talking to yourself. You will need to become super conscious of your negative self talk and monitor yourself all day long until you get into a new pattern of language. If your words aren’t supporting you then its time to come up with some new phrases and stories about what it is you want.

It’s all in your words and language, so make sure you choose helpful and transformational ones.

I hope that reading this article helped make a difference to you in some way today.  May I ask that if you enjoyed it to click the “bookmark and share” button at the bottom of the article, to share it on Facebook, to “retweet” to Twitter or to any other social networking sites you might be a member of. I’d like to share my messages with as many people as possible as making a difference is very important to me and you can help me with that intention.

What’s more I’d love to hear you comments at the end of this article as I’m always keen to connect with you all.

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20 thoughts on “The Power of Language… Choose your words wisely.

  1. It’s so important to monitor what you say, Sandhan. I think this is just a great, valuable lesson that we all need to remind ourselves of constantly. I know, for myself, the right words are not always on the tip of my tongue!

    The training to do this is essential. The critical neuro-linking of linguistic exercise to manifestation is such a powerful tool to master. I’m happy to see that you have become such a profound leader out here, Sandhan, and are teaching this so effectively. The value you give is truly limitless!
    .-= David Merrill´s last blog ..Blogging Essentials For Tribal Syndication =-.

    • I am touched by your use of the word “profound” when speaking of me! I see you have a great understanding of this topic already from your measured reply.
      When I say that words have power, this is one that really is profound, don’t you think?
      I love to meticulously search out the precise word I mean when explaining something so whoever I am with is able to capture as closely as possible the exact frequency or vibration of what I am hoping to convey.
      Words are notorious also as I’m sure you’ll agree, for creating confusion and misunderstanding if not used with consideration, so ‘choose your words wisely’…!!

  2. Sandhan,
    I appreciate your words today especially. having a bit a challenge and I am empowering myself with a better choice of words NOW!
    Ahhhh, deep breath in…deep breath out…
    I can feel my energy flow ramping back up.
    You do have such a way with words. :)
    Thank you, my dear friend.
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..I See YOU! =-.

    • Thank you Dear Sister!
      I really appreciate being appreciated for my words…who’d have ever thought it!

      As an aside for anyone who reads these comments and replies I want to share how important that validation is to me in the context of “finding our voice”.
      Growing up I consistently felt that no one would ever be interested in anything i had to say and that there were always more compelling and enlightening coaches and mentors out there…. So I encourage you all to find your passion, find your voice and let it rip!!

  3. Mmmm, the power of words. They are amazingly powerful, aren’t they?! It certainly takes a lot of work to make these shifts in language ~I know from experience as a depressed teenager who was very hard on herself. I found it most helpful to have a few of the people closest to me know what I was working on, so they could support me in re-framing things when I was using negative words. This was helpful because as with any ingrained patterns, I often wasn’t even aware that I’d spoken negatively. Also, including the people closest to me served as added accountability, which always works wonders!

    I really love the exercises you’ve provided ~ small steps make anything possible! Thanks you for sharing your strength and wisdom, Sandhan!
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..The Torch Flash Mob =-.

  4. The power of words is something that is so often overlooked. What you speak reflects what you think. I can remember a few years back an exercise I did that helped me change my thought patterns. It was simple really. wear a rubber band around your wrist and anytime you caught yourself saying something negative you’d give the rubber band a snap on your wrist. It didn’t take long to stop thinking and speaking in a negative way.

    Thanks for your post and for the reminder of what I’ve done to help me become a better individual.
    .-= Don Enck´s last blog ..Master This Skill and You’ll Discover a Goldmine! =-.

    • Don, for some reason I didn’t reply to you yet.. I don’t know how it slipped through the net but I wanted to thank you for sharing your clever rubber band strategy.
      Tony Robbins would probably call this ‘interrupting a pattern’.. and I LOVE interrupting patterns, both in myself but in my clients. When we interrupt patterns we suddenly have the option to rewrite our future by adopting new ones to replace the old… not to mention installing new beliefs to support the new patterns of behaviour! Win/ win all round!!

      That’s a very simplistic way I put it but it really IS that simple when it comes down to it… I even called my company KISS Internet… Keep It Simple Sandhan …..

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights… XXX

  5. I am SICK and TIRED of all this talk about what we should say.
    I have HAD ENOUGH!!
    I am going to GET STUCK into my project this weekend.
    Even if it KILLS me.
    Listen to my words.
    Sandhan I am very passionate about this topic. I love your suggestion of magnifying your positive words and lessening the negative ones. You are an inspiration.

    • How delighted I am that you stopped by… have you had any further thoughts about maybe doing something together?…. I’d be honoured if you’d consider it.

      I had my heart in my mouth as I read your first words as I thought it was going to go badly for me!! LOL But then I realised you were being wicked and funny… VERY funny… and strangely quirky as well. Great comment that really got my attention! Thanks XXX

      • Would love to do something together… lets explore.
        Well I think you need some humour and a sense of the ridiculous to bring people’s attention to their language and how it creates their world.

  6. Words are the expression of what we feel deep within us. Perhaps we can change our words to enhance what we feel but if we are not willing to change what we feel, words will serve no purpose. Words are indeed powerful if it resonates from our spirit. :-)

    • And… by changing the words we habitually use we will create another vibration inside and feel some thing different… Thanks for commenting Walter.. I shall pop over to your website and visit YOU!

  7. Hi Sandhan!

    This is such an amazing concept and so powerful! I have seen people completely turn their lives around. It is so easy to slip into these bad habits….thanks for the reminder for constant vigilence!

    Mentor Mama

    • To be honest I think people probably get really annoyed with me because I’m so anal about words and the impact the have on vibration but I reckon this is the single biggest thing which has transformed my own life… Tony Robbins who is one of MY great mentors talks about the TRIAD of physiology/focus/ language and meaning… change ANY ONE of those 3 elements and you shape your destiny… change all 3 consistently and you live a completely different life.

      Perhaps there’s a blog post in there!!

      You go Mentor Mama!

    • Indeed Beverly… I always try never to use the word try myself!!

      I had never thought about the thing of the person not showing up when they say ‘I’ll try’ but you do have a point there… Perhaps I’m a deluded optimist and always hold the positive expectation that they will show up! But you definitely reminded me of the famous Yoda-ism….. “Do or do not…. there is no try”…
      Thanks for stopping by…

  8. Hi Sandhan,

    I know for me personally, I have to make a conscious choice to catch myself in the process of using words that don’t serve a higher purpose. Part of the process is also choosing what meaning/emotion if any, you give to other peoples words.
    It’s extremely powerful to watch the changes that occur once we make a decision not to give any energy to words that don’t empower us.

    Thanks for making a difference :)

    .-= Michaelé Harrington´s last blog ..5 Powerful Blog Plugins That Build Community & Increase Page Views =-.

    • Thank YOU for being a Difference Maker Michaele. I hear your name on many people’s lips and look forward to catching up in person one of these days hopefully.
      I really like seeing a word as a vibration… if i feel ‘pinched in’ and tense i know i can choose something that makes me feel better.. and better.. and better … until I’m cruising again in the flow.

    • Thank YOU, Marg…. you are such a blessing in my life… your unconditional support and love is MUCH appreciated. Very much looking forward to putting our heads together and cooking up some magic for everyone else to enjoy and benefit from.

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